The process of commissioning, designing, and implementing control systems is quite conservative, and it has not shown significant improvement compared to other engineering fields. During the last decade, the automation technology has progressed significantly. However, in order to achieve the full effect and development, additional innovations are still required. Commissioning of a control system is time consuming, especially at the location of a factory. In addition, subsequently noticed errors in the design of the products are significantly more difficult to exclude. All of the above leads to a significant increase in time and resources, and consequently to the high cost of goods and low competitiveness.

Therefore, the development of a real-time software-hardware simulator of industrial processes and processing equipment HARISMO was initiated. The idea was to enable the industry users to design, test, and adapt the parameters of a control system. Additionally, this facilitates the initialization tests in their laboratories, as well as operators and staff training, all at a desired location, independent of the facility. The system with basic functionalities was developed within pilot project. HARISMO will comprise certain modifications. These improvements will enable implementation of designed simulator on large industrial facilities, complex processes and digital factories in different engineering areas. The software platform will be designed in a distributed environment, which will enable the development of a robust solution that can hold multiplied load. Additionally, it will facilitate the use of application by a large number of workers simultaneously. Control of remote facilities within large systems, will be enabled through Cloud infrastructure technologies. The system will be tested in the authentic industrial environments.


Significant expansion of existing functionalities of real-time simulator, Improvement of user interface, Development and integration of new libraries of industrial components, Hardware support for other network protocols