New Technologies for Upper Extremities Motor Assessment

When it comes to human motor impairments, objective assessment of a patient’s state, response to the treatment or progress of the disease is often impossible without the appropriate instrumentation that could capture delicate differences. These changes are often slow and cannot be captured just by visual observation, and even highly experienced clinicians are challenged to catch the signs and symptoms of any change. In order to quantify those differences, and possibly correct the therapy in time, it is of paramount importance for clinicians to perform accurate and objective motor assessment.

We use different technologies and develop new algorithms that would improve the effectiveness of these technologies and solve challenges introduced by their implementation for objective assessment. This project supports development of new systems and methods to support clinicians in:

  • Understanding motor synergies in healthy and impaired motion patterns;
  • Quantification of a patient’s state, follow up, and comparison to other patients with similar problems;
  • Facilitating differential diagnostics;
  • Augmented understanding of the outcomes of the advanced technological assisting devices, such as exoskeleton and upper limb prostheses, for the patients.


Development of new methodologies and algorithms