Serious Gaming for Children with Autism

Based on the special guidelines from therapists, doctors and parents, we use modern ICT technologies for the development of different edutainment applications and games children with autism.

Games can be used by all preschool and school children, however, the design and scoring system are optimized for children with autism, in terms of its simplified, colorful and interactive but non-distracting user interface, levels upgrading, personalization, and parameters used for evaluation. Designed applications  allow parents and therapists to work with children in a much easier manner and to monitor their progress based on the quantitative evaluation of the performance.

The learning set comprises 3 modules:

  • Communication module: Tablet/Mobile application for improvement of social interactions (Windows, Android and iOS),
  • Motoric module: Serious gaming based on the Kinect technology for improvement of motoric abilities and spatial coordination,
  • Cognitive module: Tablet/Mobile application for learning different terms by using pictures, graphical animations and audio recordings, and development of social interaction through social stories and emotional intelligence.

The proposed technologies can monitor series of kinematic parameters, movements and responses, thus providing insight into child’s condition and progress, as well as the recommendations for future therapeutic work.

In addition, autistic children can play with their friends, encouraging natural and spontaneous inclusion. Since all the devices are connected to the internet, the gaming results can be sent to central server, enabling further analysis.

Funded by: Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development


Software development