Software System for Recording and Intelligent Analysis of Patient Data

In the era of digital transformation, medical workers still often use paper forms for the examination of patients, or record data in their offline electronic resources (mostly Excel tables). These resources are scarce and hard-to-reach by a large number of medical workers, individual (not in a standardized form) and do not use all the benefits that today’s developments in modern analysis of large datasets allow.

Our solution is the new software application and registry for efficient and automatized examination of patients in clinical settings. The system will be available both as a web and a mobile application. This enables physicians to access the records anywhere, at any time. The recorded data can be compared between patients, or with previous information regarding a particular patient, but also exported in a standardized form for further statistical analysis. In addition, the system will support automatic analysis of the recorded data with integrated algorithms featuring artificial intelligence.

The product is designed for the health sector, with no limitations in terms of medical specialties. The primary users are medical employees who perform testing and examinations of patients, but also employees in medical and pharmaceutical institutions who are engaged in different research studies with drugs or medical equipment. Indirectly, the system can be used by the Ministry of Health, various statistical institutes or the Republic Health Insurance Fund, which, using the collected data, can provide statistical information that can be of crucial importance for improving health at the national level.



Software development, Repository establishment, Intelligent data processing, Data export