In our Lab, it is all about using modern technologies to help people and contribute to more efficient medical systems and services. We develop sensor systems for the needs of doctors and patients, and we test and verify them in the most advanced motion laboratories in Europe. In collaboration with medical institutes and clinics, the system is being used in many clinical studies, contributing to easy, objective, and reliable assessment. The sensors have been assisting in making new scientific observations and consequent results, all of which have been published in international peer-reviewed journals. We develop these systems to the level of an industrial prototype (TRL7). After that, we are open for partnerships with any industry that could assist further development of a final product. Software systems – from the recognized need and an idea to TRL 9. With the modern world going digital, there are always new opportunities to assist all medical system stakeholders, and provide efficient and attractive software solutions that can facilitate medical assessment. We design our solutions for our project partners, fitting their needs and procedures. Innovation Center is a company founded by the faculty. As such, we manage projects like any other SME, but we feel that some projects do not require a business model. All applications designed and developed for children with disabilities and motor, cognitive and communication impairments are and will always be free of charge. Furthermore, we are open for suggestions and discussion about new games, levels, and applications that can contribute to better therapy, assessment, or learning processes, and we strive to organize our resources in order to develop such projects.


Development of new systems for movement analysis

  • Assessment systems for movement analysis (upper and lower extremities)
  • Assistive systems for motor functions recovery in patients with motoric impairments


Serious gaming and edutainment applications

  • Improvement of motor and cognitive abilities in adult patients with impaired motor patterns
  • Improvement of motor and cognitive abilities in children with disabilities and autistic spectrum disorder
  • Testing and training motor and cognitive abilities in the aging population


Software solutions

  • Applications for patients with chronical and neurodegenerative diseases, custom-made to fit the needs of the specified diagnostics, disease stage, or assessment protocols
  • Applications for medical institutions and clinicians for testing, evidence and intelligent analysis of patient data


Data Science

  • Algorithms for digital processing of physiological signals
  • Parametrization, new clinical protocols and scales for assessment of recovery, therapy effects
  • Advanced processing algorithms for assistance in diagnostics or progress quantification


Personalized medicine

  • Business and technological consulting for medical institutions
  • Software solutions customized for individual users, fit to health status, needs, habits and family history