Fast-changing disruptive technologies impact all manufacturing services and shape the factories of the future. Information and operation technologies are seeing drastic innovations, while the convergence of these two forces is creating a paradigm shift. Manufacturing is going through the fourth industrial revolution. Our team can become your innovative and creative partner, and improve the existing processes and systems. Together we can contribute to factories of the future through new concepts that feature faster and more efficient processes, integrated seamlessly. Our team has international experience and certificates for different platforms, as well as certificates for project design.


Development of advanced control and regulation systems with the principles of Industry 4.0

Design, implementation, and commissioning of systems

Optimization and improvement of system functions


Simulation of industrial processes

Creating an environment for the application of advanced control and automation techniques in a real environment

Testing algorithms for failure detection and predictive maintenance

Application of computer vision for detecting the condition of machines, equipment, and products


Processing of signals from antenna arrays

Coherent broadband direct localization

Synchronization of channels of a distributed antenna system and electronic measurement of antenna distance

Development of estimation algorithms and their testing by simulations and experimental methods


Additional services

Consulting in the field of designing, controlling and regulating complex systems

Automatic control courses (the concept of completely integrated automation from Siemens company)

Technologies and expertise

Licenses for measurement, regulation and control 

Certificates: Siemens TIA-Pro 1, Siemens STEP-7 Pro 1, Siemens STEP-7 Pro 2, Siemens TIA-MICRO

Laboratory settings for the simulation of typical industrial processes such as thermal power plants, boiler plants, chemical reactors and columns, food industry, water production and purification plants

Computers and software of the latest generation

Digital signal processing, computer vision and artificial intelligence