ICEF services, activities and projects are organized within ICEF Laboratories, in accordance with relevant engineering areas. Laboratories and projects are supervised by University professors and senior engineers with international experience.

ICT and Software Engineering

ICT and Software Engineering Laboratory provides a wide range of custom-made software solutions for clients from academia and science.

Automation and Control Systems

Our team can become your innovative and creative partner. Together we can contribute to factories of the future through new concepts that feature faster and more efficient processes, integrated seamlessly.

eHealth and Quality of Life

In our Laboratory, it is all about using modern technologies to help people and contribute to more efficient medical systems and services.

Internet of Everything

For ICEF, IoE is about creating multidisciplinary teams and cooperation, studying new industries and businesses, and adding value to the industry as a whole.

Lifelong Learning

We aim to support continuous education by strengthening young engineers with crucial skills and backing senior engineers with the latest tech insights.

Future Technologies

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