Within the Laboratory, we use modern technologies to help people and contribute to increasing the quality and efficiency of medical systems and services. Through multidisciplinary cooperation, we provide assistance to all interested stakeholders and develop efficient and attractive systems that can facilitate everyday clinical practice. 

We design innovative solutions for our project partners, adapting them to partners’ needs and procedures. In cooperation with medical institutes and clinics, we conduct scientific research studies that contribute to new scientific knowledge, the development of simpler, objective and reliable monitoring and evaluation of patients’ conditions and to the improvement of the efficiency of clinical decision-making and medical services.

We are open to new multidisciplinary cooperation in various fields of medicine and healthcare, as well as in education, sports and the entertainment industry.


Movement analysis and rehabilitation

Development of algorithms for more efficient diagnosis and monitoring of patients with motor impairments

Algorithm development for the sports industry


Assessment of physiological parameters

Monitoring the level of activities to improve the quality of life

Development of algorithms that contribute to new scientific knowledge in the field of psychology, neurology and neuromarketing


Assessment of cognitive and emotional state

Monitoring of alertness and concentration and identification of emotions in responsible workplaces


Software solutions for medicine and health

Mobile applications for patients suffering from chronic and neurodegenerative diseases

IT systems designed for clinicians to record and intelligently analyze patient data

Algortihms for supporting the clinical decision-making process

Technologies and expertise

Modern sensor equipment for analysis of body and eye movements (inertial sensors, camera systems)

Synchronized and wireless monitoring of biometric signals (electroencephalography – EEG, electromyography – EMG, electrocardiography – ECG, galvanic skin response – GSR)

Computers and software of the latest generation

Processing of digital signals and images, data processing using artificial intelligence and statistical analysis