Education should not stop with graduation. Engineering careers require lifelong learning, adopting new skills, and exploring rising technologies.
    We aim to support continuous education by strengthening young engineers with crucial skills and backing senior engineers with the latest tech insights. With that goal in mind, ICEF organizes courses and training for engineers working in the field of electrical engineering, as well as in other technical and technological sciences. As technologies and trends dynamically change, so does the labour market. In the IT industry, some areas of expertise are becoming redundant, while others are blooming and are in constant demand. For this reason, we provide professional retraining and ICT reorientation for a better positioning on the labour market. Each course is organized around a small group and lead by our prominent lecturers – professors and associates from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. Although we provide standardized courses and programs for individuals, we specialize in company-requested employee training. For such groups we adapt and customize learning materials, examples and projects according to their interest area and industry, resulting in highly motivated trainees who absorb new materials quickly and efficiently. Upon the completion of the final test and regardless of the course type, we issue an official certificate for the acquired skills.


  • IT courses for engineers and students
  • Custom-made courses for companies
  • IT retraining
  • Electrical engineering courses