Internet of Everything (IoE) is the intelligent connection of people, processes, data and things. It is an essential driver for customer-facing innovation, data-driven optimization and automation, digital transformation and entirely new applications, business models and revenue streams across all sectors. For engineers, it is a childhood dream coming true, connecting everything with numerous possibilities and creating new systems. For ICEF, IoE is about creating multidisciplinary teams and cooperating, studying new industries and businesses, and adding value to the industry as a whole. ICEF can provide support and expertise during all development phases of IoE systems.


Development Strategy Phase

  • Custom electronics design and development: System architecture and component selection; Prototyping, testing and verification; Schematic capture and PCB layout design.
  • Embedded systems software development: Firmware development; Digital Signal Processing programming; Microcontrollers and Microprocessors programming.
  • Advanced signal processing: DSP algorithms development; Algorithm optimization.


System implementation

  • System integration and operation
  • Detection and removal of errors