AVIO-TRON – collaboration between ICEF and Aerostrutture S. p. A.

AVIO-TRON is a joint project of the Innovation Center of the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade and Aerostrutture S.p.A. located in Rome, led by prof. Dr. Antonije Đorđević.

The project is based on the use of intelligent materials and efficient technologies to improve structures or components in the field of aviation and aeronautics, thanks to their intrinsic electronic characteristics. The ultimate goal of the project is the possibility of digitizing the surface of the wings through a mechanism that connects to a remote electronic system that is able to detect and predict any variations or structural anomalies of the observed object.

Using the AVIO-TRON system, the company Aerostrutture will equip itself with its own technology with exceptional characteristics for the aeronautical and railway industries.

The implementation of the first three phases of the project has been completed. The project team will present the results and the first application tests to their partners in industry by the end of the current year.