DILEMA – Web application for learning about hygiene and healthy behavior patterns

We present to you the new DILEMA web application developed within the pedagogical component of the project “Strengthening the capacity of health institutions to implement the principles of adequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene in health institutions, including support for Roma families in these areas (WASH)”. The project is implemented by UNICEF, in cooperation with the Republic Institute for Public Health “Dr. Milan Jovanović – Batut”. The Innovation Center of the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade developed the design and technical parts of the application, while the publication of the application and its availability to the professional public was ensured by the Office for the Improvement of Education and Upbringing.

The DILEMA application provides an opportunity for children/students to learn and spread knowledge about hygiene and healthy behavior patterns.

The application contains 10 tasks that, through a playful form, motivate children/students to learn about the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene in order to improve health and humane living conditions. The application is characterized by flexibility depending on the context in which it is applied, and is described through questions and answers. The tasks are intended for children of preschool age and students of younger grades of elementary school, and are intended for individual work as well as for work in smaller and larger groups, at home or in school/preschool.

You can try out the application and find out more information at the following link.