65th International Fair of Technology and Technical Achievements

Today, the 65th International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements is open! ICEF and ETF researchers have prepared new interactive exhibits to present to the visitors in the fields of automation, holography, biomedical engineering, electromagnetics and signal processing.

ICEF is presenting the following systems at the Fair:

Touchy – an interactive system for assessing the mobility of the fingers

The Touchy system enables the assessment of finger mobility through the interactive measurement of the contact force of the fingers. The system consists of high-sensitivity strain force sensors as well as an application that enables data acquisition, visualization and analysis. The design of the system is adapted to the anatomy of the right and left hand. Ease of use and portability of the system enable various scientific and practical applications such as assessment of dexterity and monitoring of the rehabilitation process in patients with impaired hand motility.

Author team: ms Milica Badža Atanasijevič, dr Vladislava Krsmanović and prof. Dr. Milica Janković
Project financed by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia

Software-hardware platform for direct coherent localization of radio-wave sources

By processing the radio signals received by the antenna array, the system estimates the position of the source of that wave, thus localizes it. Localization is done passively, without broadcasting any signals. It consists of a software-hardware platform that was developed at the ETF Innovation Center in Belgrade. It has been tested indoors and outdoors by locating both a controlled transmitter with constant emission and a mobile phone (independent/non-cooperative transmitter) with sporadic emission.

Author team: Dr. Nenad Vukmirović, prof. Dr. Miljko Erić, Ms. Dejan Petković and Dr. Miloš Janjić
Project financed by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia

ETF researchers presented exhibits:

  • Antenna for pulse radiation developed by ms Milivoj Miletić and prof. Dr. Dragan Olcan,
  • Optical setup for digital holography by as. ms Petar Atanasijevića and prof. Dr. Peđa Mihailović,
  • ETF Visual Inspector, a system for visual inspection of correctness and selection of Bref balls by prof. Dr. Željko Đurović and Prof. Dr. Goran Kvaščev.

The fair will be held until May 19 in Hall 2B of the Belgrade Fair. See you!