The opening of the EUSIPCO 2022 conference

With the opening words of Professor Dr. Milica Stojanović from Northeastern University, Professor Dr. Petar Đurić from Stony Brook University and Ilija Radovanović, Deputy Director of the Innovation Center of the School of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade, the thirtieth, jubilee EUSIPCO 2022, the world’s leading Conference on Signal Processing, was opened today in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

In the next five days, our capital will host experts from all over the world who will focus on all the latest developments in research and technology on this topic.

The conference is held thanks to the organization EURASIP, which is behind all the conferences held so far, but also thanks to the sponsors, Reality Labs Research at Meta, Analog Devices, Red Pitaia, Vlatacom and Mikroelektronika doo. It is a great honor that our Innovation Center had the opportunity to be part of the organizing committee of this prestigious international conference.

More details, as well as the conference program, can be found on the EUSIPCO 2022 conference website.